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            Conducting the Information Interview

Application 3: Selecting Interviewees

an interviewee with a hidden agenda

Stage 3 in the information interview is selecting interviewees.

In this Application, we focus on selecting interviewees for informational interviews.

For each scenario, generate a list of 3-4 possible interviewees. Consider:

  1. Does the person have the information I need?

  2. Is the person available for an interview?

  3. Will the person provide me with the information I need?

  4. Can the person freely and accurately transmit the information to me?

Information Interview Scenarios

  1. Recently there's been a great deal of concern over high school and college students downloading term papers from "paper mill" websites. Students then put their names on the papers and submit the papers for course credit. Whom would you interview about this topic?

  2. The CEO of your company has decided to fund a program for the arts in the local junior high schools and has chosen you to lead the project. Whom could you interview to find out more about such programs?

  3. You're tired of working for someone else. You think you might enjoy being your own boss. Whom would you interview about starting your own business?

  4. You've decided that you want a puppy, but you're unsure of what kind to get. Whom would you interview to assist in this decision?

Before going to the Suggested Responses page, write down your ideas for possible interviewees for each scenario. Why would these interviewees be appropriate?

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